Remember Pokemon Go? An Augmented Reality location based game that created a mass hysteria worldwide. Well, it might not be the best example of an AR application, but it introduced people to the basic idea of AR, and opportunities it can create for different sectors like retail, defence, aerospace, education and many others. On the other hand, Mixed Reality plays a pivotal role for enterprise to address issue in supply chain, logistics, assembly line and training workforce

benefits of using

Augemented & Mixed Reality

With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablet, consumers can experience AR content anywhere anytime

Try before you buy through AR product demos woud allow enterprise to create unique digital experience for its customers

Leveraging digital experiences to create memorable experiences, enhance brand image and build brand recall

Blurring the real world with digital images creates curiosity within the customer to explore and navigate the content

With integrated AI mechanism, users can navigate and interact with the digital content in real time

AR & MR allow collaboration and interaction in a virtual environment across geographical boundaries

what we

Offer in VR?
Real Time Information

With help of a smartphone or a tablet, users can simply hover a device on a machine or a product to visualize its part or information that guides them to make informed decesions in a shorter span of time. The access to real time information leads to less of a manual or a handbook to understand the complexity, instead workers can talk to each other in a virtual environment and collaborate to address a problem and find solutions.

Product Demos

Augmented Reality product demos can help enterprise create unconvetional experiences for its customers and enhance brand recall. From placing a customer into an interactive experience, through to showcasing the inner workings of your latest machine, AR product visualization is a great sales tool.


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